About Erin

Erin Allen is FertilityHelper

Erin is a Freelance Writer and owns and operates several websites. She enjoys writing, reading, spending time with her family and ebaying.  She is passionate about helping other people through her writing.  “I have always been a person who enjoys helping other people solve their problems.  And, I particularly enjoy doing that through my writing.”, says Erin.

Erin has dealt with Infertility herself in the past.  “I understand the emotional component that goes along with the physical inability to get pregnant.  It is very painful.“, she says.

Erin has spent years researching Infertility and Promoting Pregnancy through a more natural means, versus Western Medical Practices.  Her hope is that her writings will help others who are having a hard time conceiving or even those people who want to use a natural process in promoting a healthy conception, pregnancy and birth.

Erin Allen lives in a small town, in Ohio.  She is married and lives with her Husband, Kevin, her nephew, Nathan, and her little Jack Russell Terrier, Russy.

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