Does Fertilaid For Women Work ?

Does Fertilaid For Women Work?


Fertilaid For WomenIf you are someone who has been trying to get pregnant, or would like to get pregnant quicker, you may have been wondering about using fertility aids.  


There is no doubt that there are all sorts of fertility aids claiming to help people get pregnant quicker and easier.  You have probably even heard about the use of combination fertility herbal products, such as Fertilaid For Women.  The biggest question that I get asked is, “Does Fertilaid For Women really work?”.  I am going to give you that answer and the reasons why in the following paragraphs.


Fertilaid For Women is a combination herbal product designed for women who are TTC.  The product claims to make it easier for a woman to fall pregnant.  I was very intrigued when I first learned this and decided that I must investigate it further.  I have always been a believer in so called “natural” products and I like to think that if something can be “fixed” through a more natural method, then I am all for it!  But, before I would try it…before I would even think about recommending it – I wanted answers!  How does it work?  Why does it work?  Has it really helped real life people, like myself?


So, I set out to find the answers to my questions.  I researched the ingredients first.  I noticed that there was many popular herbs that are known to stimulate fertility in this particular formula.  Fertilaid for Women is known to:

  • Even Out Important Fertility Related Hormone Levels
  • Promote Ovulation at the correct time
  • May Help To Fix Luteal Phase Defect Problems
  • Help Thicken & Enrich The Lining Of The Uterus
  • Tone & Prepare the Uterus for an embryo
  • Other Amazing Things To Help You To Conceive Quicker


I saw that the list of herbs were excellent herbs to promote conception and it is balanced out with multiple vitamins, since sometimes conception can be prevented from a simple vitamin deficiency.  And, since it is scientifically formulated by a leading Ob/Gyn fertility expert, Amos Grunebaum MD, this herbal combination is in just the right amount…just the complete and correct formulation to promote fertility in all Women with differing fertility issues.


After reading and researching everything that I could find about Fertilaid For Women and reading the thousands of testimonials from Women, just like me and you, I recommended this product to a good friend of mine and even to my own sister.  They were both having a hard time falling pregnant and it was my honest opinion that this would help them to get pregnant quicker.


Both my friend, Cathy, and my sister, Amy, used Fertilaid For Women. They had both been trying to get pregnant for along time.  They were both certain that this would not help them but I asked them to humor me and just try it.  They both decided that they would go ahead and give it a shot, what did they really have to lose except for a small amount of money.  And, that compared to the thought of paying for fertility treatments was a very small amount of money indeed!


Within one month my sister, Amy, was pregnant.  We were all so shocked and excited!  She never thought that it was going to happen after all of the time that she had tried and not succeeded.  Cathy used Fertilaid for Women for a total of four months before falling pregnant.  But, after using it for only a month she had already noticed that her cycles were starting to become more normal.  This was very unusual for her as she had not had a normal cycle since she had started menstruating at the age of 14.  She knew that it was doing something very important to her body and her hormones.  And, she found out how wonderful this herbal remedy was on that fourth month when her period never showed up and she took that pregnancy test.


Now the question is: “Will Fertilaid For Women Work for you?”  Nobody can be for certain until you try it. There are some reasons that it might not work, such as if you have a structural abnormality, for example, blocked tubes or a deformity of the uterus.  But, if you have unexplained infertility, hormone abnormalities, or you just want to get pregnant quicker – then this may be just the formulation that you need to have your baby quicker!  


Whether you choose to try Fertilaid For Women, or not,  I wish you the best of luck and hope that you conceive your baby quickly!

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